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Energy Saving


Energy Consumption

Leading integrated energy management system, which can reduce energy consumption up to 50%, greatly improving equipment cost-effectiveness
Environmental Friendly


VOCs Emissions

The unique self-maintaining gas treatment system meets the latest VOCs emission standards and can realize the recycling of adsorbent materials

PORFU Advanced Industrial Precision Cleaning System Supplier

Committed to achieving precision and ultra-precision cleaning requirements in an environmentally friendly and low-energy way

Provide Flexible OEM Cleaning And Testing Services.

Whether it is general process cleaning or final product cleaning, our parts cleaning center can handle it calmly. In addition, the supporting dust-free testing center can provide all-round testing from product cleanliness to chemical quality monitoring.

Many Customers Choose Our Precision Cleaning Solutions To Meet The Cleanliness Standards They Require.

The company has a management team and a technical research and development team, with more than ten years of design and manufacturing experience, and work together to create industrial cleaning equipment for you.

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